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The menu at The Black Bull Steak And Pizza has many choices that demonstrate the restaurant’s commitment to sourcing fresh local ingredients and creating delicious seasonal dishes. Our chefs believe in a diverse dining experience, and the menu they have devised features delectable options for every palate. From succulent fish tacos and crispy onion rings to juicy burgers and irresistible strip steaks, our tasting menu is sure to please each and every customer.

The Bull is also the perfect place to decompress after a busy Friday evening — our casual brunch features mouthwatering eggs Benedict dishes and simple yet effective twists on breakfast staples.

People are attracted to The Black Bull by the strength of our menu, but the true staying power of this restaurant and bar is its incredible atmosphere. Featuring events such as live music night, karaoke, ladies night, wine down and game night throughout the week, The Bull is a place for colleagues and friends to come together and enjoy a meal, a drink and a laugh.

The Bull features an ample beer and wine list filled with craft brews, fine wines and house cocktails. Our famous Moscow Mule featuring locally distilled vodka has become the talk of the town throughout Edmonton.

The true value of a place like The Black Bull is as a meeting place. There is no better feeling than sinking your teeth into a well-earned meal, leaning back in your chair with a fresh beer, and letting the soulful grooves coming from the DJ booth wash over you.

The Bull is an escape, a respite from the meeting and conference calls of everyday life, and we strive to provide the sweet relief that you crave.Whether you join us for brunch, lunch, dinner or drinks, The Black Bull believes in providing an individualized experience for every patron.

Few restaurants have the drive and vision necessary to package every part of the nightlife experience together in one unforgettable venue. Great food, refreshing drinks, low-key party atmosphere — relaxing at Baxter’s is not an option, it’s an obligation.

Any night out on the town that involves a trip to The Black Bull cannot help but to be a rousing success. Come in to the restaurant today to see our talented chefs and bartenders in action; we’re sure that you’ll make visiting us a habit that you can’t (and won’t want to) break.
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